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Investment account:

With PAMM accounts you can pool your capital with other investors and invest it under the direction of a trader or algorithmic strategy. In other words, you grow your money, in a totally passive way, by letting a third party trade for you. This mutualization allows access to all types of investments, even those requiring a significant minimum investment.


Our strategy for your investments :


We offer you various 100% automated strategies proposed by professional traders and advanced algorithms. 

By providing free public access to our investment strategies in our trading room, we offer everyone the opportunity to win sustainably. To do this, we offer you all kinds of strategies, from the least risky to the most aggressive, which will allow you to diversify your investments in the best possible way. 


Discover the PAMM account:


Auto offers a variety of automatic trader investment strategies and advanced algorithms. 

A new system with many advantages

Elimination of account duplication problems:  

Response error, complex VPS system setup, disconnection with parent account. 

A stable and economical system:

You receive the same percentage of the profit you earn in proportion to your invested capital every day. 

History of the strategies: 


On your dashboard, you have access to the history of all strategies. All our analysis tools are available to help you choose the right strategy for you.


- Complete history of the strategy since its launch

- Actual performance (return on investment % gain)

- Number of trades won. 

- Average pips won per trade.

- Number of pips won on the best trade. 

- Absolute drawdown. 

- Number of lost pips. 

- Average time spent per trade.

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